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Alples d.d. is the leading furniture producer in the middle price range on Slovenian furniture market. In the company with 330 employees, we have a clear vision and strategy of development.

A lot of attention is focused on quality of all areas of work. We have an ISO 9001:2000 certificate for development, production and sale of furniture.

Alples has a rich tradition in industrial production of componible residential furniture like living room, anteroom, bedroom, children room and youth room furniture.

The business started in 1955 when a so-called MedzadruĹľno lesno industrijsko podjetje ÄŚešnjica was founded, which was later renamed into Alples.

Since then, Alples offered numerous programmes to its customers, Triglav, probably the most successful of them all, can be found in many homes even nowadays. Harmonija was the most successful among the recent programmes.

Alples is known for its business spirit initiative. In services such as assembling, servicing of customers and delivering in the times due, Alples is a roll model for many other furniture producers.

We offer a wide range of quality products, which are distinguished for their design, applicability, componibility and value:

  • applicability (elements are designed to suite modern habits and needs);
  • componibility (by combining elements we get set which will suit individual requirements);
  • value (the best ration between price and quality).

In future our slogan will remain… when an apartment becomes a home, due to the mission of Alples to help customers to create their home.


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Alples d.d., Češnjica 48A, 4228 Železniki, tel: +386 4 511 8100, e-mail: alples@alples.si